Pet Sitting & Walking Service available in
following Northwestern Chicago Suburbs:

Palatine – Hoffman Estates –
Rolling Meadows – Schaumburg –
Arlington Heights -- Elk Grove Village – Barrington
I am currently NOT taking new dog pet-sitting
 (Walking during the day while you are at work is ok.)
Sorry in advance for any inconveniences.

Pet Sitting Check List

    Pet sitting is a service which allows your pets to stay at home
    while the owners are away for vacation or business trips.  
    Pet Sitter will visit your home and take care of your pet
    according to your instructions.

    Although all pets feel most comfortable staying at home,
    pet sitting is not for everyone.  
    In order to determine if pet sitting is right for your pet,
    please review below.
Pets who will most likely able to benefit from
Pet Sitting:
    ·         Independent & used to being alone at home without
            being caged. (Dogs & Cats)  Or a caged animals
            such as hamsters, birds, fish, and rabbits.
    ·         Well behaved and do not chew up furniture nor
            go through the garbage cans.
    ·         Like to be alone and prefer not to interact with other
    ·         Cats usually prefer to stay home and would benefit
            from pet sitting.

Pets who probably would not benefit from Pet Sitting:

    ·         Super-active dogs who need a lot of exercise.
    ·         Dogs who chew up furniture and damage other
            materials in the house when left alone.
    ·         Dogs who barks non-stop when left alone.
    ·         Pets with medical conditions.

Rule of thumb is that if you cannot trust your pet, you should
not leave him/her alone in your house.

Pet Sitting Fees while family is away for vacation
      Dog and Cat:     $20 per visit per pet + traveling fee
      Caged Animals:   $15 per visit + traveling fee
      More than one pet?
      Please add:  $10 per visit per additional Dogs
                           $5 per visit per additional Cats

Palatine Special! - $10 per dog walking for Palatine Residents.
                                 while the parents are at work.
What is included in Pet Sitting Service?
     Dog Walking, Feeding, Water Changes,
    Cat Litter Box Cleaning, Cage Cleaning for Caged Pets,
    Watering Plants, Take in Mails, etc.

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